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Jill Mansell heeft talrijke chicklit-titels op haar naam staan en is daarmee razendpopulair. Haar boek Geluk in het spel bereikte in 2004 zelfs de nummer 1-positie van de Nederlandse boekenverkoop. De laatste jaren heeft zij internationale bekendheid gekregen met haar eigentijdse, vrolijke, sexy en romantische boeken. En met haar nieuwste boek krijg je zeker weer de smaak te pakken... 

Hello, and thanks so much for asking me to write a little something for your amazing website! Well, my new book came out in the Netherlands before anywhere else in the world so I''m already getting lovely feedback from people telling me how much they enjoyed it, and on February 17 it will be published in its English speaking version, with the title To the Moon and Back. As well as all that, Staying at Daisy''s is coming out in the US and it can be completely confusing when readers start asking questions about a book I wrote almost 12 years ago and haven''t looked at since!
So as you can imagine, life is pretty busy right now. I''m writing guest blogs and articles for magazines, promoting the new book over here in the UK, and getting ready to fly over to Amsterdam on February 11, for my appearances at the Huishoudbeurs and also Schiphol airport. It''s always such a treat to come to Amsterdam - although I will never get used to all the bicycles and it''s a miracle I haven''t been run over, crossing the street without realising they are heading my way! Meeting my readers is a total joy too. Everyone is so enthusiastic and cheerful and polite. (I have a secret theory that anyone who says they don''t enjoy my books is the kind of person I wouldn''t get on well with anyway. They''re not the type I would ever naturally be friends with. Whereas those who do like my books are always lovely!)
So, what else can I tell you? Well, I''ve just finished writing my next book. The bad news is, it doesn''t have a title yet. (I find thinking of titles really difficult!) The good news is my agent and editor loved it, which is a massive relief. And because I never stop writing in case I forget how to do it, I''ve made a start on the next book too.
Family wise, my son thought of the title for my latest one, and I love it. I don''t know if you have it too, but there is an English expression where people say, '' I love you to the moon and back.'' He didn''t read any of the book but his idea to call it To the Moon and Back was brilliant and inspired, and I''m so grateful to him.
Also, my daughter is still typing my novels for me, but it''s a lot quieter at home now because she has moved away to university where she is studying French. The house here is also much tidier without all her make up and shoes and clothes and chocolate wrappers and magazines strewn about the place! In the past she has been embarrassed at times, having a mum who writes books, but last summer she came along to an event where I was appearing and said afterwards that she felt quite proud of me now! (Also, her friends read my books, which helps...)
Well, that''s about it from me for the moment. I see from my schedule that I''m doing a proper interview for while I''m over in Amsterdam, so I shall look forward to that. And if anyone wants to follow my Twitter feed (at @JillMansell) I''ll be tweeting while I''m there and hopefully posting photos too. I have an iPhone now, so there''ll be no stopping me!

See you very soon
Much love, 
JIll Mansell

De smaak te pakken

  • Auteur:

    Jill Mansell
  • Verschenen:

    29 april 2013
  • Uitgave:

    ISBN 9789021014982
    Uitgever Sijthoff
    268 pagina's
  • Oorspronkelijke titel:

    To the Moon and Back
  • Uitgever:

  • Genre:

    Feelgood/ Chicklit
  • Onze waardering:

  • Members waardering:

    1  2  3  4  5 
    (28 stemmen)
  • Omschrijving:

    Na maanden van verdriet om haar overleden man, Jamie, is Ellie weer toe aan een nieuwe start. Ze verruilt haar uitgewoonde flat voor een mooi appartement en vindt een geweldige baan. Aan een nieuwe man heeft ze nog geen behoefte. Vooral niet omdat Jamie haar stiekem opzoekt – daar dagdroomt ze over, want zo mist ze hem gewoon wat minder.
    Haar nieuwe baas Zack McLaren is rijk, ziet er fantastisch uit en is nog succesvol ook. Maar Ellie kijkt wel uit, ze weet zeker dat Zack alleen een betrouwbare assistente wil, meer niet. Wanneer Todd, Jamie’s beste vriend van vroeger, onverwachts opduikt, voelt Ellie voor het eerst weer eens wat vlinders. Ze heeft de smaak weer te pakken. Nu nog de juiste man... 

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