Dead Girls Don't Talk

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    Two best friends. One dead girl. Two sides of the story.

    This is the story of Viola, and what happened before she killed Syl. She may be a killer, but she has something important to say.

    This is the story of Syl, and what led to her death. Syl may be dead, but she isn't gone. Yet.

    Viola and Syl were like sisters of different mothers. Born on the same day, neighbors from day one. The same schools, the same friends, the same lives. Nobody ever thought that these girls could be torn apart.

    Until it happened.

    Two weeks before Syl is supposed to leave for Stanford and Viola is ready for her new life in Princeton, Syl's body is found on the passenger seat of Viola's abandoned car. And Viola is gone.

    The only evidence found at the scene leads to Viola. Was she really responsible for her best friend's death? Or are there other things at play?

    Two versions of the story unfold, told from both Syl's and Viola's point of views in this unique turnaround book.

    The reader decides which version to read first, and which one to believe. Or not.

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